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Learn to drive safely, keep you and your family safe.


Learn to drive safely, keep you and your family safe.


Learn to drive safely, keep you and your family safe.

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    HS Driving School has professionally trained instructors, who are patient with new drivers.

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  • Adult Waiver

    Students looking for Student Waiver, need to complete this online training class and take test at our testing center.

    Adult Waiver

    HS Driving School instructional cars are equipped with Safety features like Signs, Instructor brakes etc.


HS Driving School operating since 2019, helping many school going students learn the skill to drive safely.

We provide 1:1 sessions, and help you get your driving license.

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best service

Patient and flexible instructors teaching you tips and tricks to make you a safe driver.

Best time training

Flexible schedule, working around your school or work schedule. Some times sessions on weekends as needed.

We train all ages

HS Driving School has programs for students of all ages and skill level. School going teens to Adults looking to refresh their driving skills.

Individual approach

Each student is different, so our instructors plan and train the students with an approach that will work with the student.

Calm instructor

Patient and calm instructor,helping ease the driving experience.

duplicate pedals

Instructor has brakes to help avoid any mistakes by new driver.

all documents

Fully documented school, operating for many years, will provide all the documentation you need.

best classroom

As needed 1:1 behind the wheels training, as well as classroom sessions.

FEW REVIEWS (All Google Reviews)

Georgia Kohilas
Brookie 411
Atifa Yalda
Laxman Singh
Tang Austin

I had a great learning experience with Ms. Maneet. I am glad to be able to learn from her. I would totally recommend signing up with her if you’re looking to sign up for behind the wheel.

Georgia Kohilas

I had a great experience doing driving classes with Ms. Maneet. She taught me lots of valuable things about driving. She’s very good and patient with you and a very nice woman. I have gained a lot of confidence in my driving since I took driving classes with her, and I feel way more comfortable behind the wheel now. She helped me tremendously with each lesson we did, and i highly recommend you to take lessons with her!

Brookie 411

I am so happy that I signed up with this school. At first, I was nervous about driving and parking but my instructor was very kind and patient with me. She helped me learn parking in such an easy and fast way that I was excited to park. She was also patient with me when it came to my driving.

Atifa Yalda

M/s Maneet is very good in teaching the techniques and helps to understand to drive in different conditions. I was nervous to start with but she made me feel comfortable and I also felt free to ask my queries. She made it very simple to teach each and every step to learn in simplest manner. She keep telling the basics at minute level which makes learning very easy. Her true feedbacks made me learn fast. As per me, she is the expert in this field to mould her teaching style to student's grasp and capabilities. I really feel confident to drive on road. Her advice and knowledge transfer will always help me to drive safe and better.Thanks for all the effort.

Laxman Singh

My son leaened a lot and really enjoyed his driving lessons with Maneet. She explained all the things I couldn't to him very well. She's very responsive, patient and friendly. Would definitely recommend her to other parents with teenagers learning to drive.

Tang Austin


HS Driving School has professionally trained instructors – helping you become a safe driver.


Driving Instructor
I can’t say enough fantastic things about this. Maneet is an amazing instructor, helping me along every step of the way. I was uneasy at first but she has guided me and helped me learn every rule to the road!.
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